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We hope that you can join us in achieving our dream in this new chapter – to provide advanced and innovative drugs for patients, globally, in the fight against cancers and autoimmune diseases.


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Head of Business Development
Head of Business Development
Location : USA


  1. Identify, evaluate and facilitate BD opportunities that meet the strategic needs of the company.
  2. Present scientific and business rationale for any transaction proposals to senior management.
  3. Work closely with the senior management team, help formulate the vision, strategy, business plan necessary to pursue major strategic deals and partnerships.
  4. Involved in the initiation and assessment of all business arrangements the company might consider such as M&A, licensing arrangements, joint ventures and strategic alliances.
  5. Lead sourcing, diligence and transaction execution associated with in and out licensing efforts.
  6. Represent the company externally, including, but not limited to, partnering and investor conferences; help lead and maintain strong relationships with the financial and business community.


  1. Master’s in life-science field; a PhD in life-science is preferred; MBA would be a plus.
  2. Previous 10+ years’ experience in business development capacity.
  3. Track record of identifying, evaluating and successfully negotiating significant business transactions.
  4. In depth knowledge of techniques of financial analysis, corporate and product valuation as necessary to engineer such deals.
  5. Business and corporate development contacts and skills in order to reach key executives in companies that are likely prospects for strategic partnerships or other collaborations.
  6. Proven ability to establish and maintain credibility with internal and external scientific and business experts.
  7. Strong scientific orientation-deep understanding of the drug development, approval, and commercialization processes.
  8. Outstanding interpersonal skills and sociability.
  9. Passionate and self-motivated to drive deals to a successful conclusion and to deliver quality results.
  10. Strong executive presence, results orientation and the ability to work effectively in an entrepreneurial environment.
  11. Excellent analytical and organizational skills with the ability to make sound business judgments and evaluate alternatives.
  12. Great presentation and communications skills—the ability to influence and work successfully with varied audiences. 

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Associate Director or Director of Medical Research
New Jersey
Associate Director or Director of Medical Research
Location : USA

Key Objectives
1. Designing and implementing Innocare phase I-II-III clinical trials of innovative drugs in the field of tumors and autoimmune diseases in China and abroad, based on cGCP, ICH-GCP and other relevant clinical research guidelines;
2. Providing medical monitoring and guidance during clinical trials, including data security audits, participation in safety committees; communicating with regulatory authorities such as FDA on medical research matters, and writing medical research documents for registration;
3. Medical support during the product development phase, including: medical knowledge of product design, medical analysis of competing products, translation and incorporation of medical data
published in the scientific literature, providing medical rationale interpretation for Research and Development (R&D), and medical information support;
4. Providing medical strategic advice for Innocare product portfolio, project development, and introduction or transfer of researching products (rights and interests);

1. Doctorate in Medicine or in Life Sciences-related majors;
2. At least 5 years of experience in clinical trials in the field of oncology or autoimmune disease
treatment, with successful implementation records from protocol design to full completion of Phase I-II-III clinical trials;
3. Comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the whole process of clinical trials of new drugs, including: design, implementation, and statistical/data management of clinical trials; Chinese and international norms and quality criteria; and requirements for pharmacovigilance;
4. Understanding and mastering GCP and ICH guidelines, and being familiar with FDA
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Associate Director or Director of Clinical Operation
New Jersey
Associate Director or Director of Clinical Operation
Location : USA

Key Objectives
1.Carry out overall quality control and management on the clinical research projects, supervise and complete the comprehensive start, implementation and completion of clinical trials on time and with high quality. Ensure the integrity, accuracy and timeliness of clinical research project data.
2.Regularly hold project meetings with PMs to understand project progress, existing problems and solutions.
3.Participate in the overall operation strategy formulation of the clinical projects.
4.Responsible for the management of clinical projects in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Innocare SOPs and GCPs, including initiation, monitoring, auditing and regular data collection of clinical
trials, identifying issues timely if any, raising queries if need and proposing solutions to ensure the quality and progress of the project;
5.Communicating and coordinating with relevant departments inside Innocare in a timely manner during the progress of the project;
6.According to the requirements of clinical projects, communicating with CRO companies, principle investigators, clinical medical experts, and review experts to solve or help to solve issues emerging in the clinical study process;
7.Completing other work assigned.

1. Master degree or above;
2.At least 5 years of clinical study experience in pharmaceutical company or CRO with project experience in the field of autoimmune diseases and oncology,
3.Familiar with the overall process of clinical study from the approval of the study until the end of the study, and fully understanding the coordination of all departments in each stage of clinical study.

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Associate Director or Director of Regulatory Affairs
New Jersey or Boston
Associate Director or Director of Regulatory Affairs
Location : USA

Key Objectives
1. Responsible for Innocare registration strategy for all researching drugs (for tumor and
autoimmune diseases), determining the key points of registration, and controlling the risk during approval process;
2. Responsible for drug application, including the preparation, writing, review, submission of registration materials, organization of expert meeting reply and on-site assessment;
3. Controlling the overall progress of the project, regularly organizing phased review of the project;be responsible for providing support for the technical requirements of registration throughout the R&D process, and guiding Innocare project for regulatory compliance;

4. Capturing, interpreting and feedbacking FDA registration related policies and product application information in a timely manner, providing suggestions for Innocare’s decision-making and provide training within Innocare;
5. Maintaining good communication with all departments and cooperative units during the process of project R&D, application and approval, and keep its management in place;
6. Establishing and optimizing regulations and workflows related to regulatory affairs.
1. Master degree or above in medicine, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, pharmaceutical
management, etc.;
2. At least 6 years of experience in drug registration in US, with experience in applying for CTA /IND/NDA, and who has been engaged in the registration of multiple new drugs and management of new drug research projects will be preferred;
3. Proficient in China's drug management and registration and other relevant laws and technical guidelines, familiar with the drug registration process and all relevant aspects, the writing of the application materials and with the ability to communicate deeply with FDA experts;
4. With strong ability on drug registration information retrieval, analysis and research, and excellent in writing and oral English;
5. With good ability on project operation, analysis and judgment, with problem solving experience and clear thinking.
6. Have a high sense of responsibility, with strong principles, integrity, self-discipline, and rigorous work attitude

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Office Manager
New Jersey
Office Manager
Location : USA

Key Objectives
1. Supervise the Administrative and HR responsibilities of InnoCare’s New Jersey and Boston offices.
2. Manage office operations including: supplies, equipment, setting up and maintaining basic IT infrastructure.
3. Ensure a positive atmosphere and that the rest of the staff have adequate support to work efficiently.
4.Coordinate with HR outsourcing suppliers to implement worker compensation, 401k, medical insurance,etc.
5. Manage agenda/ travel arrangements for upper management whenever necessary.
6. Assist with any operation responsibilities required from headquarters or relevant government departments.

1. To supervise the Administrative and Human Resource work of New Jersey and Boston office.
2. Manage an office and ensuring a positive appearance and atmosphere including supplies and equipment management, data and communication management, file server, and so on.
4.Cooperate with HR outsourcing suppliers to deal with works related with workers compensation,401k, group insurances and so on.
5.Other operation works from headquarter and government departments.

1. A Bachelor’s degree or above.
2. 5+ years of experience in office management/ administration. Experience at a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company preferred.
3. Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
4. Adept with MS Office.
5. Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities.
6. Must be able to read and write both Chinese and English.
7. Financial or accounting experience a plus.
Additional Information
401(k) plan available
Group insurance benefits
Employee Annual bonus program

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