Press Release
03 Jun, 2016
On June 3rd, 2016, Ms. Huang Lixin, a member of Jiangsu Provincial Committee and the secretary of Nanjing municipal committee of the CPC, along with other officials from relevant departments, visited InnoCare Nanjing.   Ms. Huang Lixin looked into details of the company’s new drug research and development, the talented team, the scientific and technological achievements, and other aspects of the company, fully affirmed the development of the company’s achievements. As Ms. Huang pointed out, bio-pharmaceutical product development takes a long time, typically more than a decade for a new drug to reach the market, therefore requiring patience, especially to withstand the “lonely” aspect of the work. She also emphasized that biomedicine is an important focus of Nanjing’s development as an emerging industry. Nanjing’s municipal government fully supports the growth and development of biomedical innovation, and all relevant departments will increase their service efforts towards biomedical enterprises, by actively helping the industry to overcome problems and difficulties that are encountered during its development.
16 May, 2016
On May 16th, 2016, the opening ceremony for InnoCare Nanjing was successfully held in the Nanjing Life Science Park. Officials from the Jiangning District have attended the ceremony and interacted with the InnoCare Nanjing team. InnoCare Nanjing is located in the Nanjing Life Science Park with beautiful scenery. It primarily focuses on the Biology/Medicinal Chemistry and Biomarker development. With opening of the Nanjing site, InnoCare has moved a solid step forward towards the goal of “developing and providing safe and effective innovative medicines to meet the needs of Chinese patients”.